Search Engine Optimisation



et your website noticed using Plus Business Search Engine Optimisation services. At Plus Business, we use an extensive range of SEO techniques to ensure your website performs and ranks highly in all the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are constantly developing internally to  keep up to date with the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimisation.

Our approach is results driven and our tried and tested ethical methods of Search Engine Optimisation are always enhancing, are results speak for themselves.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Methods

The biggest difference between Plus Business and its competitors is the approach to each SEO campaign. You can be blinded by science and bogus statistics  but the aim of the game is to develop high rankings with relevant keywords, increase visitors to your website that are  relevant to your industry and which are going to put business through the door, its that simple.  It is critical we work in close partnership with our clients to understand your goals and the business itself.

We first  focus on 4 main areas listed below, these are always the backbone of our Search Engine campaigns. Once we have developed these 4 core areas we then add various other elements to the campaign to bolster rankings and visibility even further such as social media integration and email marketing strategies.

Targeted Keywords

We start by doing a full analysis of your business services so that we can optimise the speciifc kewords which are reflect your business services and more importantly reflect what your potential clients are searching for.

Website Structure and User Navigation

We carry out a structure and ease of navigation analysis and working with the client can develop a flexable sand user friendly structure which is optimised for search engines and more importantly optimises users experience . Search engines respond much better to user friendly sites which follow all the latest web standards and run across multiple platforms including mobile and tablet.

Link Building

Link building is an essential element of search engine optimisation. It is important to demonstrate the link between your website and others on the web. Plus business always undertake the quality over quantity strategy when it comes to link building. We only use white hat techniques and take great pride in every campaign. We understand the importance of building high quality connections which are relevant and which are going to expand your online presence


For any website you always need to understand that content is king. There is no point having a website that looks brilliant but the content is poorly written, rarely updated or even worse copied from another online resource. Search engines are always looking for fresh, relevant and unique content and your websites online presence will be rewarded for this

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