About Plus Business and our Services

What we do


Business Solutions is an IT and Digital Media consultancy which works in close partnership with clients to develop their business. We advise how to use and implement information technology and digital media in order to meet their business objectives whilst developing and growing for the future. Developing a cost-reduction strategy that maximizes efficiency without compromising growth is a key part of our consultancy role

We offer a a variety of IT and Digital Media consultancy services. Your IT and Digital Media systems are the backbone of your organisation function and Online presence. We can help you to develop both IT System efficiency and presence in your marketplace.

Our Client Services include:


The Barrister Chambers Consultancy

We operate across all industries but have extensive experience in the Barrister Market Place. With over 10 years IT Management, Digital and strategic experience specifically in this arena, we sit in the ideal position to help organisations within this sector develop their IT strategies, Digital Media strategies and Online Presence whilst reducing overall costs and ensuring more efficient systems.