Email Marketing

mailTake your marketing  further by sharing your business ideas and news,  enhancing your customer relationships, and strengthening  your brand awareness through email.

We can fully manage all your email marketing activities for you if you do not have designated staffing We can.also put system templates in place so you have full control of all your email campaigns in house and will be sending professional looking emails in no time at all



Email Design

Plus business can design an email template that matches your Brand and guarantees a wow factor. We thoroughly test our designed templates to ensure they look fantastic in a variety of email clients, you can be completely confident that your messages reach inboxes  looking brilliant , every time.

Email Marketing Delivery

When you spend time working hard on your messages, the last thing you need is for your email to be trapped in spam filters or worse still put your company domain on blacklists. That why we use systems that are continually tested to ensure your messages get delivered every time.

Tracking the success of your Email campaign

The eye is in the details. When you create your message and send it to your targeted databases its then time to see how successful your campaign has been. We use systems that track a variety of key elements for your campaign including: finding out how many of your contacts opened your email, click through to your links, forwarded your email to friends, or unsubscribe from your email list

Tracking for Each Contact

Find out how individual contacts responded to your email campaigns , including when and how often they opened your email and which links they clicked through on your article.

Email to Social Impact

See how well your email impacted the social media, such as twitter and linkedin> see who liked you rarticles, retweeted and more


If you would like any further information on Our Email Marketing Services please give us a call on 0121 241 1224 or alternatively drop us an email at