Barristers Chambers Consultancy


The barrister marketplace has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, no longer can your chambers rely on the sets or the  individual barristers reputation. Fierce competition is coming from a variety of different angles and  its crucial that your chambers starts to run as an efficient and agile business that is proactive rather reactive. Plus Busniess can provide you with the tools you need to run more efficiently and stand out from the rest.

With over 10 years IT Management, Digital and strategic experience specifically in this arena, we sit in the ideal position to help organisations within this sector develop their IT strategies, Digital Media strategies and Online Presence whilst reducing overall costs and ensuring more efficient systems throughout chambers. Below are some of our services which will ensure your chambers stay ahead of the game whilst becoming more efficient and reducing costs across the business.


IT / Networking Solutions  Email Marketing Search Engine Optimisation Service Cost Reduaction 


Recent Projects Include;

  • Server Virtualization and new system roll out across a large Chambers Network.
  • Legal Online presence Strategy to launch new area of expertise
  • Project Managed Upgrade from Meridian Law to Meridian Law connected which included data cleanse, migration, UAT testing, overhaul of existing financial processes within each department, training and implementation.
  • Voice over IP telephone system solutions implementation in both Birmingham and London premises with unified business communication also implemented.
  • Exchange server migration to hosted cloud server and services.
  • Data encryption roll out across multiple systems and devices.
  • Email marketing mailshot design and system implementation enabling campaign management and full campaign tracking to monitor success of each individual campaign.
  • Online Billing development