Today is the day Google begin to boost mobile friendly websites – is your business ready?


Today is the day that Google begin their worldwide roll out of their mobile friendly update. Google are elevating sites on search results which are mobile friendly. This was inevitable and my only shock is that their Algorithms were not boosting mobile friendly sites sooner.

As the update is deployed searchers will now find mobile friendly and high quality sites more easily where the text is readable without tapping, zooming or having to keep scrolling across which i’m sure everyone agrees is extremely frustrating. At the moment the update will only afftect the rankings of individual pages rather than the whole site but I believe this will come soon enough.

While the mobile friendly changes are very important Google will still be using an array of signal and methods to rank search results. Unique and relevant content is still king but the importance of the users end experience is becoming more and more crucial to how your site ranks.
To check if your site is mobile-friendly, you can examine individual pages with our  Mobile responsive tool.
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