Is your Business Digitally Invisible


Often many Businesses are  guilty of believing that either they aren’t large enough to bother with an online presence or what they do isn’t  applicable to the web. How wrong they are! Building an online presence offers the ability of growth and maximum exposure which can be utilised by businesses within all sectors and all sizes.

Think about it everything we do in this day and age whether its comparing car insurance, looking at holiday reviews and destinations or simply looking at the latest film review, is all done online. Widespread accessibility to the internet using an array of devices such as smart phones and tablets  has created a vast number of opportunities for businesses to promote themselves. The days of searching newspapers, physical directories and roaming the streets to find businesses are virtually over.

Some businesses often make the mistake of thinking that they cannot  justify the investment of  creating a high end website / actively engaging in email marketing / Social Media and utilising Search Engine Optimisation services. In this day and age this shouldn’t be the case; in fact building a good quality online presence can act as an excellent equalizer, allowing your business to compete against larger, corporate businesses that have dedicated marketing teams and departments.

All businesses have so much to gain from having an established online presence  – they can reach a much wider audience, reel in new clients and grow customer loyalty – but what’s particularly crucial  is that your business is not ‘invisible’ online. Lets be frank customers expect a business to have a website or social media presence that can be found quickly and easily, if you don’t then obviously they are less likely to engage with your products and services.

Human Nature – A question to ask yourself: How often do you go past the first couple of pages when you search Google?

Research suggests that around 80 % of people don’t click further than page 3 of Google and 60% don’t go past the first page of Google. These are astounding figures and you have to take into account that Google is used by around 75% of people searching the internet.

Search Engine Optimisiation

Having a quality SEO strategy can really drive your business forward and we at Plus Business Solutions can steer you to page 1 status on Google and all other search engines. Our approach is results driven and our tried and tested ethical methods of Search Engine Optimisation are always enhancing, our results speak for themselves.

If you need our help developing a website, developing an email marketing strategy  or developing your businesses  existing websites online presence please contact us on: 0121 241 1224 or email:

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